novelIf I could live my life over again for reasons of self-improvement and /or a healthier lifestyle what would I do differently if anything?

Unless one has lived the life of a saint, most likely there are reasons to ponder.  Not to look back with remorse at what can’t be changed; to enhance one’s current existence. A review of the past is essential for improvement, regardless of age or circumstance, especially for persons striving to live a balanced lifestyle and function as responsible individuals. What memories arise in mind is truth unfiltered, it is your karma. What one does with them is an important matter.

The passing of years (Father Time) have already sketched a summary of our deeds and misdeeds. We do however, have choices to change present behaviors and situations that stem from the past in order to transform or enrich the present and future. Harboring guilt, persistent bleeding inside that demand we nurse heartaches, suffer migraines, and dyspeptic stomachs is dangerous. They can be eliminated if they are the result of undesirable relationships, disagreeable situations or business affairs gone sour. Harness the willpower to extract the emotions (remove feelings) from the matter and let go. By sincere unleashing, only the history is left, which will most likely sink into oblivion.

If past deeds were results of ignorance or naiveté accept them as fact and forgive oneself. Personal forgiving is easily said, but can be difficult to achieve. Absolutely essential to forgiving is the sincere release of guilt feelings. Do one’s utmost with heartfelt intent to express unwavering truthfulness. Relief requires truth in spirit and commitment to releasing oneself from emotional and psychological imprisonment. Avoid self-condemnation, self-pity and preoccupations with destructive behavior. Live with conscious intent from this moment on. The best way out of unwanted psychological situations and detrimental personal conditioning is into more desirable ones.

If past actions were done intentionally to cause pain to others, uttering, “I am sorry,” is important, but it is not enough. Forgive oneself, cultivate spiritual growth, and anchor sincere feelings in Divine consciousness. In ridding the mind of emotional attachment to undesirable memories, including painful ones evoked by the self, recognize them for what might have precipitated the action. Vow with purity of heart and forgive in a manner that will result in physical and emotional wellness.

Demanding and granting respect is often interlaced with the need to weigh a deed’s worthiness for forgiveness, or the rejection of it if a misdeed. In this American society where hostile incidents too often incite gun-violence, racism and murder, forgiving is hard. If a demeaning act, a person or a group does not deserve forgiveness do not grant it, and never fake it. One must not surrender core values in demanding justice and equality. No one regardless of status or consequence has the right to deny another life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Hold firm in the demands for decency and justice; fundamental rights bestowed to every citizen in these United States.

Granting forgiveness requires a congenial recipient. The Granting and accepting is an act of restitution. Study and practice living at one’s highest potential in the present. Nurture self-assurance and strength of spirit to support one in difficult times. Be ever mindful that every individual is a spiritual being. Adopt an attitude conducive to personal well being and observe matters from a higher perspective to more easily process memories and feelings.



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