About Me

I am Harry W. Kendall,  90, a semi-retired journalist, writer and playwright. I was born into an extremity religious household. Not spiritual, but one as faithful to the doctrines of the African Methodist Episcopal Church as a fractured Black family


My Writing Style

My approach to writing is one of thoughtfulness and education. I really want my readers to know the details of the story while not being bogged down with just fact and figures. I like to paint a picture that will


The impact of Yoga

I found Yoga early in my adulthood. It has been a calming force in my life as well as a source of strength. I’ve built my endurance, my mental fortitude, my positive attitude and other parts of my personality because of the tenants of yoga and meditation.

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The Legacy of Will Parker, a Black American Revolutionary

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Reap the Hot September Harvest

Reap the Hot September Harvest Publisher: iUniverse April 2020 Authors:Harry Kendall The novel is a MLK trilogy, titled Reap the Hot September Harvest. It is literature of the Civil Rights Movement’s history and has a broad appeal to America at

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What our readers say

With a story-tellers gift and a poet's ear, Kendall brings a lost history to life

Rod Kessler - Author and Professor of English, Salem College, Salem, MA

...Such a readable, yet provocative look at church-politics through dynamic characters and a compelling story

Emilie C. Harting - Author and Ass. Professor of English, Community College of Philadelphia, PA

Describing one man's journey from oppression to freedom, Truth Crushed To Earth, is riveting. My advice, don't start this captivating tale unless you are ready to travel to another man's world. On the way, you may throw of a yoke of two of your own on Will Parker's path toward freedom

Ron Glick - MA, MS, MSSW yoga therapist and spiritualist

Harry Kendall's fiction helps us see how we are fragmented and gives us hope for healing and wholeness. His tonal range includes everything from poignant grief to high humor. He offers a new and enriching experience for his readers

Sena Jeter Nasland - Author of Disobedience Of Water

Balance work and home life

Since I've retired from Boeing many years ago, I balance my writing with my leisure activities in my home city of Willingboro, NJ. We are a growing community with a little something for everyone. We have talented artists, great families and resources like our library and community center to help our residents enjoy life to the fullest.